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S.T.A.R.S. Delta Liftoff

Step into the future of space travel with S.T.A.R.S. VR Delta Lift Off, an out-of-this-world virtual reality experience. When an emergency situation arises on the Lunar Gateway Platform orbiting the Moon, Space Force Mission Control sends its best pilot – you! Board a state-of-the-art spacecraft and embark on a time-critical mission bound for humankind’s lunar outpost.

S.T.A.R.S. Missions

There will be future missions based on the seven Space Force Disciplines that must be completed in order to progress to a final sequence. The seven Space Force Disciplines are: Engineering & Acquisition, Cyber Operations, Space Access & Sustainment, Military Intelligence, Space Electronic Warfare, Space Battle Management, and Orbital Warfare.
Questhaven (Under LOI)

Questhaven (Under LOI)

A Virtual Reality and PC tabletop RPG platform created with a passion to bring adventures to life! QuestHaven is an environment with a set of tools for players to create their adventures to run their...

Lost Legacy VR (Under LOI)

A room-scale interactive VR experience that imagines new possibilities for personal storytelling, LOST LEGACY VR: DIVINE HUNTRESS is a powerful linear narrative balanced with moments of interaction that deepen the understanding of our story. 

XRApplied Technologies Inc. (Incubation Agreement)

XRApplied is an XR technology developer that works to apply cutting edge AR, VR, and MR innovations to the real world.